Changes to Welfare Provision

I have been supporting a client to maintain her first property as she was in need of items of furniture she decided to apply for a Community Care Grant  I advised her to send it back ASAP.  However, because the clients partner said that they probably wouldnt get it because they were cutting it she did not send it off,  she has now missed the deadline.  This is because new Welfare Provision which began on 1st of April this year has introduced discretionary funding that will only provide to the very vulnerable who are in short term crisis.  This can either be by providing a pre paid card for Asda Supermarket, Crisis Grant or Community Support Grant.  This will only be available to certain people that fit the criteria and there will not be any forms of cash Grants available. Vulnerable families will also have to demonstrate that they have exhausted all other avenues before any Grant can be given.  This means that those vulnerable families for whatever reason find themselves in a crisis will find it harder to access these schemes due to a lack of information.
This is why we as Pregnancy Outreach Workers will need to be aware of these changes and of other local organisations that support families in need, more information can be found at

Birmingham Local Welfare Provision