Cont…Spousal Visa

I am supporting a lady with more or less the same circumstances. Ruby (not her real name) initially came to UK on a student visa to study Business and Management. She has a brother who is married and settled in the UK. After 6 months into her study, Ruby had a proposal for marriage from her extended family. The man was a divorcee with three children. He said that his children are with his ex-wife and he has his own property. Ruby and her brother accepted the proposal.

Just two weeks after the wedding, Ruby was physically and emotionally abused by her husband and her in-laws. When she questioned her husband, he said that I have only married you to look after my children and cook and clean for me. He further said to Ruby that she is never to get pregnant as that could hinder in the care provided for his three children from his first wife. Ruby further said that she also wishes to have her own children, but her husband used contraception to make sure she does not conceive . Ruby was devastated and heartbroken. However Ruby decided to adjust herself to the circumstances and tried very hard to become not a good wife but a good slave. She adhered to all his needs and was looking after his three children.

Surprisingly Ruby fell pregnant, upon hearing this news her husband and her in laws beat her with the attempt that she would miscarry. Ruby became very depressed and stated she wanted to commit suicide. That night, when the family left Ruby ran out of the house onto the street and asked a man in a car for help, she asked him if she can use his phone and phoned her brother. Her brother came rushing and took Ruby to his house, where she tearfully disclosed all the ordeal she went through. Her brother called the Police and Ruby’s husband was arrested.

Two months later, Ruby is still living with her brother and her husband has threatened her that he will deport her from this country and disown her child, making sure she has no help and support. Ruby is fighting for her indefinite leave to remain in UK with the help and support from myself, her Solicitor, Women’s aid and the Police.