Ante-natal support 

Attending antenatal appointments is very important in pregnancy.

Antenatal care monitors your health during pregnancy, as well as the health and development of your baby. It can help predict possible problems with your pregnancy or the birth, so action can be taken to avoid or treat them.

However there are situations where  some mothers to-be  find it difficult to attend their antenatal appointments.  For example Mariam (not her real name) was referred to myself due to missing routine  ante-natal appointments on two  or more  occasions.

At my first initial visit, I met Mariam who was staying at her cousins rented accommodation.  Through the visit I established why Mariam was missing her ante-natal appointments. Mariam left work (worked in a factory) to travel abroad to get married, when she returned she did not have a job to go back to and was not receiving any financial help from the welfare department. Due to not been able to speak English Mariam found it difficult to understand what benefits she may be entitled to and how to claim.

When Mariam found that she was pregnant, she  was very happy but at the same time became upset . Mariam found it extremely difficult to travel to her hospital appointments for antenatal check ups, as she did not have any money to travel back and forth for her appointments. Not only did Mariam had to attend  her normal routine antenatal check ups,  she also had to attend various  Diabetic health checks as  Mariam was diabetic. Mariam pregnancy  was a high priority  as she was on insulin as well as tablets to control her diabetes .

Mariam was very emotional and stated that she was upset due to not been able to attend some of her antenatal appointments as well as her Diabetic health appointments.

I reassured Mariam, that I will help and support her with her antenatal appointments. I was able to take Mariam in my car to her appointments, stay with her to interpret  and drop her back home after her appointment.

With my help and support Mariam was attending all her antenatal appointments and as a result the health professionals were able to monitor  the health and development of her baby. Attached is a clip of accompanying Mariam to attend her ante-natal appt.